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DeepTrekker DTG3

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Product Description

The DTG3 ROV is trusted by thousands of customers around the globe to complete tough inspections. The patented two-thruster design provides unmatched maneuverability and its hydrodynamic shape allows it to quickly swim through high currents.

Deep Trekker’s newest technology platform solves the most challenging operating conditions. It delivers reliable, stable and intuitive controls.

An improved software intelligence enhances the operator’s experience with easy-to-use controls, auto-stabilization, wireless connectivity, and augmented recording capabilities. BRIDGE provides the most innovative solution to our customers.

Coupled with the driving force of BRIDGE, the DTG3 provides advanced stability in underwater environments. Equipped with automated station holding, the camera is capable of rotating 270deg for situational awareness.

Topside power and generators are not required to power the DTG3. With internal batteries and integrated equipment, Deep Trekker robots are the only truly portable systems on the market, and can be deployed within seconds.

Fully Assembled – Fully Tested – Ready to Use.


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