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Product Description

The DM100 VDR is the standard type approved VDR system intended for all passenger ships and new cargo ships of 3000 gross tonnage and above, constructed after July 1st 2002.
The DM100 VDR is Wheelmark approved by BSH and meets the latest performance standards and technical requirements, as defined in MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2, taking effect as of 1 July 2014.
All new VDRs installed after July 1, 2014 must be compliant with the new standards. Our newest generation DM100 VDR meets all requirements and performance standards of MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2. Danelec VDR systems are designed to record and store, in a secure and retrievable form, information concerning the ship’s position, movement, physical status and command and control for the period leading up to and following an incident. Designed specifically for maritime application down to the last component, Danelec VDRs offer high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight, easy-to-install solution.


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