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Launching SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised - Top tuned for Ku-band

Launching SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised - Top tuned for Ku-band It is with great pleasure that Wright’s are announcing the launch of Cobham’s latest Ku-band Optimised solution developed on the back of decades of market feedback and meticulous research and development efforts. The SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku variants are now available with top-tuned radomes for Ku-band: • 407090I-00500 SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised (8W) • 407090J-00500 SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power Ku Optimised (20W) All previous models ... Read More

Baltic Sea Broadband Radio

A Scandinavian company is investing in radio-link technology across busy passenger shipping routes to turn the Baltic Sea into the world’s first broadband sea. Ferries and cruise ships in the Baltic Sea will be able to use use radio technology instead of satellite communications for their broadband and therefore provide greater connectivity to their passengers and crew. Nowhere Networks is setting up a radio-link network across the region where 15M passengers a year pass as an alternative to VSAT and coastal 4G communications Read More

Digitalisation receives warm welcome from offshore service vehicle owner

The owners of offshore service vehicles are increasingly embracing digitalisation and as a result benefit from efficiency improvements. Digitalisation provides numerous benefits to the OSV sector such as data-driven decision making, reduced fuel consumption, improved energy efficiency, superior environmental performance and better control over maritime logistics and supply chains. Read More

a3 Agency Systems helps mastering documentation and actions management

Wallem Group which manages a fleet of more than 200 ships, including tankers, container ships, bulk carriers and vehicle carriers has invested in cloud-based software and fleet management programs to enhance operations and reduce administration costs. It is introducing online solutions to manage documentation and actions required in port calls by migrating to the a3 Agency System. Migrating to the a3 Agency System Read More

3D printing - Additive Manufacturing is changing the spare parts Industry

Spare parts at the push of a button will soon become a reality thanks to 3D printing technology In one of the most promising moves in additive manufacturing (AM) – the industrial-scale equivalent of 3D printing – a Port Authority of Singapore-led consortium, including 10 big shipping groups, is moving ahead on a project that aims to make the port a hub for spare parts. Along with classification society DNV GL and other partners, the consortium is drawing up a list of commonly ordered parts that can be designed and additive-manufactured on site by 3D technology before being distributed to the waiting vessel, wherever it may be. Read More

Maritime safety improves due to Spire Global and Kleos Space collaboration

Collaboration between satellite operators Spire Global and Kleos Co subsidiary Kleos Space will result in improvements to maritime safety and intelligence gathering by defense and security services. The amalgamation of Spire’s satellite automatic identification system (AIS) which tracks ships with radio frequency (RF) reconnaissance data collected by Kleos Space will enable both parties to share far greater maritime surveillance capabilities. Until now no datasets from AIS providers have been integrated with those from an RF satellite operator making this collaboration the first of its kind. Read More